Coaching Trips

Lasting improvement for LESS than a new set of irons.

Jordan Gibb and Ryan Boal present Weekend Golf Clinics in the Sun in association with Welcome Estates Spain.


Stack and Tilt and Eyeline Authorized Instructor Ryan Boal and Challenge Tour Player Jordan Gibb will help you take your golf game to new heights with the simplest and most effective methods. These clinics are suitable and beneficial for golfers of all age and ability.


Learn more in one weekend than you have in your entire golfing life in an all encompassing program which will help you increase power and accuracy in the long game, help you putt like the pros and give you a simple short game system to help lower your scores.

Several weekends will be taking place throughout the year. Enquire today for the latest availability as there are a limited number of spaces. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your scores and your enjoyment of the game of golf.

Why not combine this with a business trip? The excellent five Star La Finca Golf Hotel & Spa Resort is a perfect place to get to know clients, business partners and colleagues. The hotel offers excellent conference facilities if required as well as excellent dining options. The resort also has wonderful tennis, padel, pool and spa facilities for the non-golfers in the group. Contact us  for all pricing queries.

We are excited to meet and host all individuals and groups that make the exciting commitment to improve themselves through these enjoyable weekends.

Jordan and Ryan

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